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Monday, August 18, 2014

How to beat around the "brown" standards

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As you may know. I'm from Pakistan. There's a little thing that almost every Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Middle Eastern young adult refers to as " desi problems" or "brown problems." It's an equivalent to "white girl problems" that you'll find on twitter. 

As a Pakistani girl growing up in America, it's been a difficult journey. My parents are pretty old world and follow different standards. As a child, I was pretty sheltered which led to many different issues in my life. 

My biggest problem is growing up my parents planned my life out... I was going to be either a doctor, lawyer, or engineer at a SUNY school, get married at 25, and  live the normal or average life in a regular home, have children. There wasn't anything beyond this description. Other careers? Of course not! A gap year? Nope. Finding your own interests? Nah. Traveling? No. 

Eventually, I had enough. But it was too late.
The best derision I made: going away to school. Where I went wrong: not going to the school I wanted to. 

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