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Friday, October 4, 2013

What my 'ideal' future holds...

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Everybody knows I'm queen of spontaneity. I love to do things out of the blue and unexpected- not in a bad way. I'm just open to new ideas and keeping my options open. One thing I'm really keen on is traveling. I love to travel. Why? Let me tell you.

First of all, It's a great way to learn. I've come to one realization in the past few months... I love learning. I value education very much, but I'm not really into school. There's a huge difference. While traveling, I've definitely found myself more interested in art, history, language, culture, and traditions. One thing's for sure, I hate history class. No matter how many times you tell me what the Magna Carta is or which king of France did what, I will never remember it. BUT when I went to the Palace of Versailles in Paris when I was 14, I can spit out so many random facts like Louis the fourteenth built the palace because of the "divine right of kings." He basically felt the need to emphasize his power and wealth by this extravagant and absolutely beautiful mansion and compare his life to the peasantry. 

Next, you learn to put yourself out there.
I just came back from a two month trip to Spain, but it wasn't just any trip. I was a nanny, the technical term is "au pair"- which means 'even exchange' in French. What this means is that I lived with a family for free with meals provided in exchange for taking care of three children and speaking to them in English. I was a tutor and a nanny in one. I got paid weekly- very minimal. In the end, I was in debt by a couple of thousands so it didn't end up being an even exchange but I had an AMAZING experience nonetheless. I can basically say I lived in a strangers home in another country across the world without friends, family, or even a phone. 

How many times can you say you've done that?
Not only did I learn to live in someones house, I learned their customs, traditions, and responsibility. I had to cook for myself at times, do my own laundry, pick the children up from school, learn how to maneuver in Madrid, learn the language, make some friends, and start a life for myself. I did all of that and so much more.

The memories!

The memories I've created are just unbelievable. I made three really amazing friends, that I still keep in contact with more than anyone else. It's strange. I met them through Facebook with the mindset of having a traveling buddy so I'd feel more safe but we are by every means attached to each other. We're already planning our next trip. 

SO ideally my future holds a massive amount of traveling( inshAllah-meaning god willing). But I want each and every experience to be different. My first time in France I was an exchange student for two weeks. Then I went to live with my friend in Belgium who was a nanny. We went to Amsterdam and France round two. Lastly, I was a nanny.
My next desire is to work for a hostel in the Mediterranean.

I could go on forever but I should probably return to studying this brutal Organic Chemistry and searching the Internet for my next fashion finds that I should probably share with you since this is my so-called "fashion blog." Hope you guys don't mind the shift in topic too much.
I promise my next post will give you your fashion dose

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