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Friday, August 2, 2013

dot dot dot

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Continuing on my rambling thoughts regarding College: Freshman 101 version.

3) Remind yourself why you're here.

Many students want to live up to what they believe is the typical college experience. By that I mean, partying til you puke your brains, hooking up with more people than your buddies, and attending every frat house party, rave, club, etc. Let me just tell you, you're paying THOUSANDS of dollars to receive a higher education to be successful. Not a higher education in partying. Do both. I'm not telling you to be a nerd, studying endlessly to the point where you look like you haven't eaten in ages. Like no. Just remember school comes first. It's very easy to get wrapped up into partying four days out of the week and missing your 8 am class. You honestly don't want that.

4) Peer Pressure.

Now this one is key. Peer pressure can be deadly( not really.) But in reference to partying, this might be a big factor in how much you hit the books or how many times you hit the club. It's fairly easy to be convinced by frat brothers, sorority sisters, upperclassmen, and honestly, some students who just don't give a damn about school. Just because your one friend is going out every night this week, you don't have to do the same. Your friend's exam might not be until two weeks after yours. You need to worry about yourself. Thats right, you and only YOU. Your grades will be affected, not anybody else's. There's also no such thing as redo's. Once you screw up, it's hard to get back up there. Most classes give 3-4 exams and your grade is primarily based on your performance on those exams. That's not a lot, you know.

How to steer clear from peer pressure?
- Figure out your priorities, motives, and aspirations. Make sure you know them & how much they mean to you.
- Know your boundaries and limits. 
-Make a schedule of your studying, partying, relaxing, and doing homework. Being organized and managing your time is everything.
-Learn to be assertive and grow a pear. Sometime, you gotta say no!
- Differentiate life from school. Living in the same place you study is difficult, sometimes it can feel like a game or sometimes it all feels like work. Know that you're at school to study and use your free time on campus as you would while in high school. After class, do your homework. In high school, after you finished homework you might've gone to a part time job. Studying is now your part time job.

Have the best time ever! This is your last time to be a freshman, make it a good one!
College honestly is the time to discover yourself and start a new path.

That's all folks!
I'm going to return to my fashion posts.
Hoped this help!


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